June 2017, Tamáss, music theater, Staatstheater Mainz - Tamáss (persian, arabic for contact and confrontation) is about co-existence. With musician and performer from Lebanon and Germany we are questioning to what extent different musical identities can exist simultaneously. This non compromising attitude of each artist will led to the inevitable clash while the respective receptiveness will lead to eventual integration. Supported by ‚Kulturstiftung des Bundes‘ the director Anselm Dalferth and me will stage the music theater piece on the main stage of the state theater. Find more info here: Hörttheater Tamàss I Festival Orientation



February/march 2017, TURNBULLS - finally my sister and my father have released on 14 concerts our debut album. Have a look and listen here: Album Online I Website I Soundcloud



January 2017, concerts w/Sahrif Sehnaoui - there are three parts of one concert recorded at zeitraumexit Mannheim with Sharif Sehnaoui on prepared guitar and me on zarb zurkhane. Enjoy watchinhg them: Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3



January 2017, Zündeln Residency, Alte Feuerwache Mannheim - after ten days of intense work and rehearsals I presented two sets.
The first set is about co-existence, by explicit not focusing on the meeting but on the clashing of each participating musician:
Danijel Lokas - punshing bag, Abdelhade Deep - oud, voice, Thorsten Gellings - snare drum, Stephan Pfalzgraph - piano, poems, Flo Huth - e-guitar, electronics, Joss Turnbull - zarb zurkhane, Sebastian Bauer, light dramaturgy
For the second set I invited the outstanding experimental bagpipe soloist Erwan Keravec, who was joined by Thomas Burkhardt aka Lin/Log on modular synthesis, throat singer Naranbaatar Purevdorj and me on Percussion. It was a blast of energy and a sharp blaze of dynamics and frequencies: Soundcloud I Video Boxer I Video Set II



November 2016, concerts, japan - due to an invitation in Hamamatsu World Music Festival, I had the chance to play concerts with Reiko Imanishi (koto), Ryoko Ono (sax), Toru Tenda (bflu), Takefumi Kobayashi (dr), Kyoko Tsutsui (elektr.), Juzo (dr).  Have a look here:

Juzo+JossRyoko Ono+Kyoko Tsutsui+Juzo+Joss



May 2016, KulTakt, Burg Fürsteneck - I did my first concert with a conception of free improvisation wich is including musicians and performer of very different backgrounds and genres. Here we had soundartist Bernd Bleffert on nail pendulum, sand bottles, bowed nail timpani, bycikle wheels and a xylophone made from stone, me on Zarb Zukhane and preparations and Naranbaatar Purevdorj on Argyraa, Höömii and Morin Khuur. I am amazed by the power of this combination and the overwhelming resonace of the audience. Picture by Ina Walter, Burg Fürsteneck



April 2016, Soundscaps Lebanon, Theater an der Ruhr Mülheim - after a performance piece of choreographer Ali Chahrour I played a full improvised set with beirut based group ‚Two or the Dragon‘ wich is Abed Kobeissy on bowed buzuq, effects and Ali hout on percussion, effects. The concert will be broadcasted on german radio WDR3 on the 1st of june 2016: WDR3. The next trio concert is going to be in Metro Al Madina in Beirut, Lebanon on 27th or June 2016.



November 2015, Diwan der Kontinente, Jazz Fest Berlin - after three days of rehearsals at the Jazz Institute Berlin, 'Diwan der Kontinente' played improvised and composed music by Ketan Bhatti and Cymin Samawatie in front of the sold out Festspielhaus Berlin with the following line up: Sveta Kundish, Defne Şahin, Cymin Samawatie, Mari Sawada, Martin Stegner, Boram Lie, Demetrios Karamintzas, Ralf Schwarz, Lars Zander, Ketan Bhatti, Joss Turnbull, Christian Weidner, Hilary Jeffery, Tillman Denhard, Niko Meinhold, Sabrina Ma, Naoko Kikuchi, Vladiswar Nadishana, Wu Wei, Bassem Alkhouri, Matthias Kurth and
 Mohamad Fityan. 



march 2015, Tamas, CD release - Tamas is a free improvised project, initiated by percussionist Joss Turnbull and trumpeter Pablo Giw. The music is inspired by the arabic word '’tamas', which means contact or touch but in Sanskrit also darkness or illusion. Recordings took place during 10 days in may 2010, featuring ney virtuose Mohamad Fityan from Syria as well as moroccan singer Abdelghani Elmassaoudi and german guitarist Matthias Kurth.
The album is based on field recordings from two visits to pre-civil war Syria and Lebanon in 2009 and 2010. The dense and complex noises of the cities Damascus and Beirut sound together with early- and pre-islamic poetry sung by Elmassoudi. Accompanied by Matthias Kurths abstract guitar lines, Fityans hissing ney and kawala flutes circle around Turnbulls diverse percussion. On 12 tracks the quintet creates a fragile, melancholic music that convinces by its deep honesty.

tamas auf ti-records I tamas auf amazon I tamas bei a-musik




March 2015, Solo at Irtijal, Beirut, Lebanon - There is an international festival for experimental music in Lebanon called Irtijal (improvisation). This year was its 15th edition and with a very intense and remarkable line up. I was impressed by improvisers such as: Hans Koch, Erwan Keravec, Jacques Demierre, Saadet Türköz, Hans Hassler and the organizers Sharif Sehnoui, Mazen Kerbaj, Raed Yeassin and Paed Conca. It was great being a part of it with a solo set for Tombak.


Mach 2015, Duo Rosonanz, Alte Feuerwache - A concert with classical percussionist Thorsten Gellings was given in the context of Jetztmusikfestival at the 'Alte Feuwache Mannheim'. There are videos following soon by Mark-Steffen Göwecke.

pic. by Josefeine Turnbull

December 2014, Turnbull & LIN/LOG, 12 Stufentheater, Aschaffenburg -
here is an exerpt of the ad hoc performance with Thomas Burkhardt on modular sound system from the 17 of dec.


Turnbull & LIN/LOG




Oktober 2014, ISTURNBULL live, Hangar 21 - Some videos from the performance with Kaveh Ghaemi are ready, thanks to Mark-Steffen Göwecke:


Kaveh Ghaemi / Joss Turnbull

Joss Turnbull - tombak, voice




Mai 2014, Asil Ensemble, Al-Madina Theatre, Beirut, Lebanon - Mustafa Saids Asil Ensemble is presenting "BURDA": Poetry by Tamim ElBarghouthi, Music by Mustafa Said, Performance by Asil Ensemble for Arab Contemporary Classical Music, on Thursday May 22, 8 PM. Al-Madinah Theatre, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon.














































 April 2014 LaborKonterSpiel, Alte Feuerwache Mannheim - the avantgarde guitar soloist Claus Boesser-Ferrari braught together Heiko Plank on a "Plank", Joss Turnbull on tombak, electronics and streetsounds, the Mental Bend and Max Negrelli on visuals for a free improvised concert on the "Jetztmusik Festival Mannheim".




March 2014 Asil Ensemble - the Asil Ensemble for arabic contemporary music did the opening concert of the 14. Abu Dhabi Festival programm on 17 of march.





March 2014 ISTURNBULL live, Hangar 21 - after working with dancer Kaveh Ghaemi in the performance hall Hangar 21, Detmold, NRW, we had a sold out presentation of our performance on the 07 of march. Videos will follow soon.





Isturnbull on Bandcamp I Isturnbull on Pfeffer Percussion I Isturnbull on Amazon

December 2013 ISTURNBULL radio interview - a portrait about Joss Turnbull's work as a musician and his debut CD "Isturnbull" were broadcast on the 13th of December on Deutschlandradio Kultur by Petra Riess. Listen to it here: 

Joss Turnbull / Isturnbull auf Deutschlandradio Kultur

December 2013 rehearsal ISTURNBULL, Hangar 21 Detmold, NRW - Joss Turnbull was rehearsing at the hangar hall for his next solo concert with the contemporary dancer Kaveh Ghaemi. The performance will be at the 7 of march 2014. Please check the event here: Isturnbull Hangar 21  

foto: mike turnbull


December 2013 "Campus Oriental Music", Oriental Music Academy Mannheim - Joss Turnbull invited the singer Cymin Samawatie, the classical drummer Thorsten Gellings, the arabic oudplayer and singer Mustafa Said from Beirut and the iranian tombak player Hamid Reza Homayoun Fal to perform with him at Reiss-Engelhorn Museen Mannheim. The first part was about "oriental percussion between tradition and modernity" and the second half of the concert was about "classical arabic music.



September 2013 Solo-CD Release "Isturnbull", Alte Feuerwache Mannheim - my cd release solo concert was sold out on 25. of september at Alten Feuerwache Mannheim, Germany.


Thanks for support to: Orientalische Musikakademie Mannheim eV I Freunde Arabischer Kunst und Kultur e.V. I KulturQuer QuerKultur Rhein-Neckar e.V.


foto: roland rossbacher



September 2013, Konzert, Beirut, Lebanon - A duo concert with Mustafa Said on oud and voice at the Nehna Wel Amar Wel Jiran Festival 2013 on 06 of september in Beirut, Lebanon.


Foto: Roger Ghanem



September 2013 Performance, Beirut, Lebanon - Music for the Performance "eight people and eight rules" by Clara Sfeir at Nehna Wel Amar Wel Jiran Festival 2013 in Beirut.


foto: lori yapoudjian


August 2013 Ghaemi & Turnbull, Performance, Festival Junger Künstler Bayreuth -  

A collaboration with iranian contemporary dancer Kaveh Ghaemi on the Festival Junger Künstler in Bayreuth on 16, 17 and 18 of august. Here you can watch a video trailer of our performance on 18 of august, Schlossturmsaal, Bayreuth. 


Kaveh Gahemi & Joss Turnbull


foto: mike turnbull 



March 2013 - Heidelberg/Mannheim DE - the singer, oudplayer, composer und director of AMAR, the foundation for the Archiving and Research in Arab Music, Mustafa Said did concerts, speeches and lectures in Heidelberg and Mannheim.


 Mustafa Said


Thanks for support: Orientalische Musikakademie Mannheim OMM I Freunde Arabischer Kunst und Kultur e.V. I KulturQuer QuerKultur I Eine-Welt-Zentrum Heidelberg I Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof.


Foto: Trang Lys


November 2012 - Sudan/Eritrea LebiDerya - Working on a percussion trio at the College of Music and Drama, Sudan University for LebiDeryas concert programm in the National Museum of Khartoum. Majdi Mishmish on darabuka and Mustafa Suleiman Eisa El Amin on sudanese bongos.


foto: anika bendel



August 2012 - Concert Beirut - asil ensemble for arabic contemporary music played a concert at Al-Madina Theatre, Beirut. For rehearsals with asil ensembe and recordings with oud player mustafa said I stay in Lebanon from aug. 6 until aug. the 18. 


foto: clara sfair


August 2012 - Konzert Isturnbull - with Thorsten Gellings on classiscal percussion and Pablo Giw on trumpet my concert "Isturnbull" was played on Tamburi Mundi Festival, 02 of aug. 2012. 


foto: ellen schmauss



April/Mai - Travel Iran - from april until may pablo giw and me traveld to Tehran, Shiraz and Esfahan. Find more information, recordings, videos:


Februar 2011 - Studio LebiDerya - ensemble LebiDerya is recording their debut album at the Popacademy Mannheim. The CD "Orientaion" will be released in may 2011. Soon there will pics and videos online of the recording session. We are lucky that we found Anne Löper who amde the art design with sand animation.


04/07 August 2010 - Tamburi Mundi - in Feiburg in Breisgau findet jährlich ein Festival für Rahmentrommel statt. Kurse und Konzerte werden für u.a. Riq, Tamburello, Darabuka, Tombak, Mazahr und Pandeiro gegeben. Am 07 August spiele ich Solostücke und Improvisationen mit Tombak, Riqq, Oceandrum und Rahmentrommel. Kurse werden von mir zum Thema Improvisation, Einsteiger und Klangerweiterung durch Tombaktechniken auf der Rahmentrommel gegeben. Weiter Infos unter:

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